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What is Dental Implant?

A dental implant for is comprised of a titanium “foundation” which fuses with part of the jawbone. This in turn connects to what is called the abutment, which allows a crown to be placed on top, with the intention of achieving a natural appearance. This fusion is referred to as “osseointegration” and this phenomenon requires time, so the implant is left to settle within the bone structure for a time, before a follow-up installation of the restorative crowns.

The quality of one’s smile can deteriorate over the years. Since our teeth also serve a very important aesthetic function, cosmetic dentistry has become a quite valuable aspect of modern dental practice. Cosmetic dental work, such as dental implants, can be administered to individuals with broken or missing teeth, as well as those patients who are dealing with less severe concerns such as discolorations, chips, and minor malpositions or rotations.

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Dr. Gonavarum is dedicated to providing dental services of superior quality in a cost-efficient way. He attended extensive additional education, and even now, is expanding his skills with the help of the latest tools and technology. Whether you’re in need of some cosmetic restorations or a small, simple filling, Dr. Gonavarum will be sure to make your experience a comfortable and pain-free visit.


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“Went in for a filling replacement it looks less than 45 minutes without any pain. I love Smiles of Naperville they make me smile!”

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“Great Office all around. The administrative team does a great job and the doctors work is always great. Would recommend!”

Amir J.

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“My teeth were a disaster before I came here and now they look amazing!”

Azul W.


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