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Dr. Gonavarum is dedicated to providing dental services of superior quality in a cost-efficient way. He attended extensive additional education, and even now, is expanding his skills with the help of the latest tools and technology. Whether you’re in need of some cosmetic restorations or a small, simple filling, Dr. Gonavarum will be sure to make your experience a comfortable and pain-free visit.

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When you come into Smiles of Naperville for the first time, your teeth, gums and entire mouth will be thoroughly assessed and we’ll let you know the current condition of your dental health. A patient’s oral health condition can be deemed healthy, satisfactory or poor. To be able to come up with a personalized assessment a dental examination will be performed.

It is essential for anyone who wants a beautiful smile and healthy life to pay a visit to the dentist and schedule regular cleanings and go to recommended treatments. Regular visits to the dentist should be every 6 months or at least once a year, this is for your routine dental exam and teeth cleaning. do this and you’ll surely maintain the heath, quality and beauty of your teeth and smile!

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“Went in for a filling replacement it looks less than 45 minutes without any pain. I love Smiles of Naperville they make me smile!”

Monique G.

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“Great Office all around. The administrative team does a great job and the doctors work is always great. Would recommend!”

Amir J.

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“My teeth were a disaster before I came here and now they look amazing!”

Azul W.


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